The two closest beaches to Gibbs Glade Cottage & Garden Studios, Barbados, are only a short stroll away...

Gibbs Beach - Beautiful, tranquil, peaceful.  Lined with glorious private villas.
Mullins Beach - Lively and fun with a bar, restaurant and water sports.

A short way north of Gibbs Glade Cottage & Garden Studios are two more glorious beaches...

Speightstown Beach - Lined with pretty bars and restaurants.
Heywoods Beach - Opposite Port St Charles Yacht Club and the super yachts.

Gibbs Beach Barbados
Gibbs Beach, West Coast, Barbados
Mullins Beach Barbados
Mullins Beach, West Coast, Barbados
Gibbs Beach Barbados
Bougainvillea over the calm Gibbs Beach
South Coast Barbados
Rolling South Coast Beach, Barbados
Speightstown Beach Barbados
Speightstown Beach, West Coast, Barbados
Heywods Beach Barbados
Heywoods Beach, West Coast, Barbados
East Coast Barbados
Rugged East Coast Beach, Barbados
North Coast Barbados
Crashing North Point, Barbados
Beaches around Barbados...

Soft, warm, white sandy beaches await you all around Barbados with a coastline to suit every taste.  The Platinum Coast, on the west, has a glorious silvery shoreline lapped by calm Caribbean waves.  Snorkeling in the clear turquoise waters is a great way to see the hawksbill turtles and explore the shoals of tropical fish inhabiting the coral reef.  On the East Coast, the dramatic Atlantic Ocean crashes over wild rugged rocks, wonderful to watch and ideal for surfing.  The long rolling waves of the South Coast are perfect for body boarding.